Thursday, August 7, 2008

Testing blogger and Raven

Well I am going to test the blogger posting capabilities of Zoundry Raven by posting to my bloggger blog here.While doing that I thought I would try to crosspost to my TechRant WordPress site.

Well lets see how the images do:

Ok it wasn't that easy to post an image from flickr, lets try uploading one:Monkey.jpg

Thats easy. anyway I think thats enough of this for now... : , , , ,

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Thoughts on Yahoo Buzz

The newest introduction into the the Digg clone wars is another big players version, Yahoo's Buzz. There isn't anything really groundbreaking in Yahoo's clone, Propeller(aka Netscape) has done the same thing, Mixx, which just raised another two million dollars in investments, also does the same thing.

Will Buzz be somewhat popular? Probably, since Propeller is still going. There are those out there who haven't heard of Digg, or have grown sick of the culture over at Digg, who will move over to the Yahoo site. Does it mean Buzz is better than Digg? No! It's just people think they can become "superusers" on Buzz easier than at Digg.

My opinion on Buzz is that they tried to do too much, the site seems cluttered, too much AJAXian goodness. I prefer Mixx over Buzz, due to the simplicity and ease of use. So how will Yahoo's step into social news service, it will continue, maybe thrive for a little while, but ultimately it will fall in step with most of the other Digg Clones. Until something changes I will stick with Digg and Mixx

Introduction to the world

Well I would like to introduce my blog and a little bit about myself. This blog will consist of my opinions, rants, and complaints about all things Tech. It has been a while since I have posted consistently on the subjects of Technology and Web, so stand by for a wide variety of topics, and subjects. I will not pull punches and will speak my mind, so be warned